Oracle Applications - How to Bounce Services(Forms, Concurrent Mgr, Application Tier etc)

This post gives you a handy information on bouncing the services in eBusiness Suite Applications 11i/R12

Steps to Bounce
1. Login to your unix box

2. Set the environment by running the env file present in $APPL_TOP
       #cd $APPL_TOP
       #ls *.env
       #. <env_name>_<host_name>.env

3. Go to $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME  (In 11i, Use $COMMON_TOP/admin/scripts)
4. Here you will see a list of files and based on the need you will have to run various scripts as given below

     4.1. Bounce All Services ( Note the 'dot' after the # sign in the commands below and above)
                   # . apps/<pwd>
                   #. apps/<pwd>

     4.2 Bouce Mid Tier for OAF (Oracle Applications Framework) to be reflected   
                 #  stop                      (For R12)
                 # stop
         start                         (For R12)
                 #  start
      4.3 Bounce the forms services

       4.4 Bounce the concurrent manager services
       4.5 Any time you want to check the status of  app server services? Use the below command

 -Happy Bouncing

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